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Case Management in Salesforce

Salesforce Case Management

State of the Art customer support software goes beyond simple case management. This is obviously an essential aspect of choosing a cloud platform, but it should be viewed as a minimum requirement, rather than the main feature. Some of the things that your small business or non-profit organization should look for when choosing a cloud-based customer service platform.

Case management

As mentioned, case management software is very important, and the best case management software has the following capabilities:

  • Automatically track and categorize customer interactions, from every channel.
  • Ability to add filters for identifying high priority cases.
  • Features for adding notes to cases for easy communication within teams, and assigning to other teams or experts where necessary.
  • Customer fields for your business to create unique labels, such as purchases or customer ID.


The solution should have the ability to interface with external systems, using flexible APIs that will allow users to create real-time, bidirectional communication between the platform and relevant applications and networks.

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